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Only one movie stars Batman, Chucky, Peter Pan and Yoda: THE REINACTORS!

THE REINACTORS Wed 9:30 at The Ritz!

This incredible, critically acclaimed doc interweaves the disparate lives of film character impersonators and celebrity look-a-likes on Hollywood Boulevard over the span of a year. Recognizable characters and stars of movies are portrayed by anyone who chooses to buy the costume and brave the mean streets of Hollywood.

These self-employed rogues forge a living one dollar at a time, posing for photos with tourists in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. These street characters have big dreams of breaking into the big-time as they struggle to make ends meet. Freddy Krueger works alongside Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Shrek, Batman, Borat and Lucy Ricardo. Competing Chewbaccas, Spidermen and Captain Jack Sparrows vie for a spot on the limited real estate of The Walk Of Fame.

The story unfolds through their colorful day-to-day lives and incredibly dramatic back-stories. Director Markey says, "The doc plays like a great depression era Hollywood classic retold for the new millennium. It's also a film about the cutthroat nature backstage and behind the scenes of show business. A statement on where we're at culturally. An American Idol on crack, if you will."

Get your tickets!

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