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Only a few days left to get into BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 9 !!!

Hello, fellow movie maniacs! Aint It Cool's main mogul Harry Knowles is on the verge of another birthday celebration, but rather than keep all the goodies for himself, he's once more preparing to unleash the movie event of the year when he presents an enormous array of both unearthed gems and unreleased features at the amazing, stupendous BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 9, also known as:

Now, as much as Harry and The Alamo would love to squeeze everyone in the movie geek universe into the theater for this 24-hour cinemeltdown, there is an application process that needs to be carried out so all can be done on the up-and-up. Don't won't have to sign away your firstborn. Harry Just needs to see if you're a rabid enough theatergoer to survive the onslaught.

Information on applying is available on the Ain't It Cool site HERE, and will require you to squeeze out a healthy helping of excitement about your lifetime of movie nerdism, so get ready. Those of us that make it are in for a treat unlike anything in any other theater in the world. So don't drag your through the guidelines and get that application in!

We'll see you in December!!

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