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Poster - Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man_08Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is your one chance to see the most fearless duo in cinema history face off in a battle of the ages. That's right, yes sir, it's the gruesome twosome, the horrifying pair that stalk the night in search of everything wicked: lusting for blood, for power, for revenge, but most of all, for blood!

Oh yes, for one night only the two most terrifying, electrifying, murder-minded monsters are going to appear together on stage and screen for a night of blood-curdling, bone-shaking, pant-soiling screams!

Are you tough enough to face these ghouls in the dark, danger-defying Ritz theatre? Oh you think so, hero? Just wait until you're face to face with the Monster, a creature mixed up and sewn together from the parts of dead bodies from the cemetery and brought to life through the power of lightning! Wait until you can smell the raw meat dangling from the teeth of the largest, most lawless, lowdown, lustful, lousy, lecherous, lurching lycanthrope!

You'll be howling and running through the aisles when you see Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolfman. You don't want to be near him when the moon is full and the clock strikes midnight. Something changes in him...something real bad...

You'll also want to flee from Bela Lugosi as The Monster. He looks harmless, well, from a distance. But up close you see the scars, the ghastly body that God himself did not create. A crime against nature, this grisly beast has the brain of a criminal madman!

Will you be strong enough to make it through this most horrid, frightful event? Will you have to look away in terror?

Tuesday 2/2 at the Ritz, 7:00pm. Get your tickets now...if you dare!

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