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One Gong to Rule them All… OPEN SCREEN NIGHT next Weds, March 23!

OPEN SCREEN NIGHT is one of our favorite, and most bizarre, Alamo traditions. At this event, we give YOU control over our screen. For this night only, you choose the programming, and we will project absolutely anything you bring (as long as it does not break the legal restrictions placed on us by the FBI, TABC, CIA, IRS, and/or USSR). Want to show off the new short film you just made? Perfect, bring it in. Wanna make everyone watch a particularly uncomfortable clip on YouTube? Just give us the URL and we’ll put it up. Have a favorite home movie or super embarrassing clip of your college roommate? Bring that in, too!

And even if you don’t have anything to show this time, come on out to have your mind blown. You never know what you’re going to see at OPEN SCREEN NIGHT, but somewhere in there you’ll definitely get a special treat. And if anything crappy gets shown you’ll only have to suffer through two minutes of it before our gonger can respond to your boos and get that garbage off the screen with one mighty bang on his gong.

Here’s a special note of encouragement from Chris Trew, the emcee of the evening: “The Stand-up comedy open mics in Austin are always packed with hungry performers looking for stage time in hopes of meeting new people to collaborate with or impressing people-in-charge to get some paid gigs. OPEN SCREEN NIGHT isn’t that different. If you’re a filmmaker (especially a comedic filmmaker) then you should be here with your DVD or YouTube link. It would be silly not to. Sure, you might get gonged, but if you do then take the note and come back next month with something better.”

Trew will be joined by his comedy theater The New Movement, who will be bringing their own special videos and will engage in entr’acte antics.

Be there! Weds, March 23 at Alamo RitzGet your tickets now!

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