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One Loudoun One Year

May 3rd is here and that means we've just turned 1!

One Loudoun One Year

Alamo One Loudoun has just turned 1!  Today we celebrate our one year Anniversary after opening last year with IRON MAN 3. We have had a blast getting connected with the Ashburn community and we would be nothing if not for our amazing and enthusiastic guests. 

We've had a ton of New Releases since the early days of IRON MAN 3. But we've also had a blast with all the special programming that we can provide. We've had a SHAUN OF THE DEAD Shaun-Off, a month long Wild Wild Wes Anderson retrospective, The Ultimate WILLY WONKA Party and a lot more. And just in case anybody has been keeping track:

150 Repertory films. From THE BIG LEBOWSKI to METROPOLIS.

17 Free week-long movies for our Kid's Camp

9 Fantastic Fest Films

8 Of our very own Drafthouse Films

7 Sing-Alongs, everything from the Totally 80s to R Kelly's TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET.

5 Movies played on glorious VHS

4 Cartoon Cereal Parties

3 Awesome feasts

We've had fantastic guests; THE LAST UNICORN'S Peter S. Beagle, the original Mike TeeVee and Veruca Salt from WILLY WONKA, hometown favorite Patton Oswalt, comedian Doug Benson riffing on THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO stopped by with the cast and crew of SPARKS.

In complete appreciation for everything the Ashburn community has done for us we wanted to give back a small thank you to all our Victory members (should have made it into your inboxes this morning). If you are not a member of Victory please sign up! It's Free, it's easy, and we do nothing but give you a bunch of free stuff; discounts, Free Birthday tickets, early screening info and much more.

Thank you for your devotion to The Alamo and we look forward to another kick-ass year of cinematic awesome-ness.


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