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On my honor, February’s screenings of THE LAST BOY SCOUT are going to kick ass

Explosions, cap guns and Halle Berry as a cowgirl-themed stripper — Tony Scott's THE LAST BOY SCOUT is given The Action Pack treatment in February.

On my honor, February’s screenings of THE LAST BOY SCOUT are going to kick ass

In 1991, screenwriter Shane Black was payed a then astronomical $1.75 to pen THE LAS BOY SCOUT, a action comedy directed by Tony Scott that helped star Bruce Willis get his mojo back after the disastrous performance of HUDSON HAWK.

Willis stars as a former Secret Service agent who is living a life of self-hatred after having his career ruined following a run-in with a corrupt politician. Now working as a private detective, Willis is hired to protect a stripper (played by an impossibly young Halle Berry!) attempt to blackmail two of Los Angeles' most powerful men. When the job goes south, Willis must team up with her boyfriend, a retired pro football player played by Damon Wayans. 

The film is a perfect example of why anything Shane Black touches becomes action movie gold. From hilarious banter to great action set pieces to despicable villains, THE LAST BOY SCOUT has it all. Produced by Joel Silver and directed by Tony Scott, the movie is gritty in all the right places and full of gun fights, explosions and topless women. It's an action movie lover's Valhalla. 

To celebrate the film, The Action Pack will "be prepared" to send you home with your mind blown. I'm talking in-theater pyrotechnics, cap guns for everybody in the room and even a game or two. 

Don't miss our two screenings of THE LAST BOY SCOUT this February - only at the Alamo Drafthouse.

Saturday, February 4 @ 7:30 PM — West Oaks

Sunday, February 25 @ 7:30 PM — Mason Park


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