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OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Catch a TROLL / TROLL 2 double feature this March at West Oaks

George Hardy and Sony Bono on the big screen - together at last. See a double bill of two films that have absolutely nothing to do with each other — despite the fact that they are in the same film franchise. 

OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! Catch a TROLL / TROLL 2 double feature this March at West Oaks

The Leprechaun - what a show off! Every year that green-clad, pint-sized cereal-hoarding hooligan gets an entire day to strut his stuff — inspiring people to kiss the Irish, get stinking drunk or a combination of the two. Meanwhile, hardworking monsters like imps, boogens, goblins and trolls get bupkis. Well, the Graveyard Shift, the Alamo Drafthouse - Houston's horror series, is sick and tired of this injustice and we're standing up for equal representation for miniature monsters.

This March, join us for a double feature of TROLL and TROLL 2, two films that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. TROLL is a 1986 urban-fantasy monster mash directed by John Carl Buechler. Noah Hathaway stars as Harry Potter Jr. Seriously. TROLL features a hero who is a young boy who must harness ancient magic to do battle against evil monsters. And he wears glasses. And his name is Harry Potter. How has Buechler not sewed J.K. Rowling yet?

The monster of TROLL is Torock, an evil troll who could care less about you combing his brightly colored hair or rubbing his belly for good luck (though you're more than welcome to try). He wants to turn a rundown New York apartment building into his new magical kingdom — even if that takes turning its residents into singing imps, dancing nymphs and giant hairy pickles. The film features an all-star cast (well, all-star if you're talking the '80s) featuring Sonny Bono, Anne Lockhart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Moriarty. There are childhood traumas to be found in every nook and cranny of TROLL and we're screening the film from a beautiful 35mm print. Huzzah!

In TROLL 2, George Hardy and Michael Stephenson star as two members of a loving family who decide to take a trip to the scenic Utah town of Nilbog (it's Goblin spelled backwards!). The family vacation turns sour when its revealed that the town is full of - yep, you guessed it - goblins! You're going to get monsters of all shapes and sizes. And lots and lots of popcorn. This is a film that manages to be a special kind of awful. It's a movie that you'll want to write home about. Your brain will be melted, your soul chipped away at. Watching this movie could actually make you sterile. How could you possibly want to stay away? 

Between the films, we're be hosting games and giveaways (including giving away a few copies of BEST WORST MOVIE, the wonderful documentary exploring the legacy of TROLL 2). Tickets are only $10. Being that the event takes place on Saint Patrick's Day, we'll even be selling green beer! Plus, you can take your picture with a real, live troll. Come for the movie, stay for for the fun, leave in a body bag because this Saint Patrick's Day - the trolls and goblins are taking back the night! Oh, and keep up with all the latest Houston horror events by joining our Facebook group here

Saturday, March 17 @ 8 PM — West Oaks


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