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NPR goes full-metal on SON OF RAMBOW!!!

Wheee-ow! National Public Radio, the world's most respected media outlet of any kind in the history of the universe, has taken it upon themselves to extoll the many virtues of the incredible upcoming film SON OF RAMBOW (opening at Alamo South Lamar on May 16)!

This is a movie that we at the Alamo have been rabid about for a loooong time, and it's great to see other folks being converted to the cause as well, especially when they're the type of folks that can really get the word out on a film as special as this one.

NPR's All Things Considered program says: "If Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn had had access to a camcorder, the adventures in this movie-besotted movie might be the sort of thing they'd have dreamed up. Cheerfully ramshackle, childishly overstated and pretty darn appealing."

Check out the entire article HERE for more praise and information about SON OF RAMBOW, and we look forward to seeing you here when it opens, because unless there's an earthquake or hurricane, we'll probably be at every dang screening.

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