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Now Hiring: Alamo Hosts

UPDATE (8.10.10 - AKA: The day we said we'd get back to you):

Hello all who submitted a video to audition to be an Alamo host!

Turns out, there are a lot of you. That definitely makes it harder for us to go through and watch everything in a timely manner. That said, we've seen a lot of really great stuff and we're definitely hoping to get back to you by the end of this week. Why we thought we could do this in a day? Who knows! So sorry to keep the anticipation building, sit tight, and we will try our damnedest to let you know what's up by the end of the week. If you don't get a call back for a live audition, we'll still let you know that the email went out so at least you'll know what's what. So good luck, don't have an anxiety attack and we'll talk to you soon!

If you did not submit a video, and now greatly regret your decision (or just didn't know about it), you are still welcome to submit one although it won't be considered for this round. If we go through the mass amount of submissions we have now, and go through live auditions, and STILL need hosts, that's where we will look.

Cheers, The Alamo Hosts [email protected]


Think you've got what it takes to get the crowd amped up at the next Princess Bride Quote-Along? Wanna appear in a preshow video clip that we show before the next Harry Potter movie? Interested in earning a little money and a lot of free movies in the process? Or do you just enjoy being in public without wearing pants?

If any of that sounds like fun to you, you're in luck - we're currently looking for a handful of charismatic emcees who are comfortable being themselves in front of a crowd, and we're going to pay them to perform. I'm not retiring or anything and still love hosting shows, but we want to have more and more shows hosted these days, and there's still only one of each of us. So we're actively looking for more hosts who can run the show for New Release movies, Sing-Alongs, Quote-Alongs, the occasional feast, horror movie, and even karaoke and dance parties at the Highball. If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to us, then we want to hear from you. And we want to see you, too.

To apply for a position in this newly formed Alamo Host Team (newly formed and still needing a better name), send us a video of yourself telling or showing us why you'd be the perfect new host. Keep your video under three minutes, and submit it to us via an online video link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

We'll watch every video sent to [email protected] between now and August 9, when this round of auditions will close. From there, we'll be inviting a select group in to do live auditions using one of the scripts from a previous Alamo show, and out of that batch we'll select our final hosting team.

Payment for each gig will vary from $25 to $100 per timeslot or show. There will often be several shows in an evening, and all hosts will also enjoy free movies and discounted menu items when they're at the theater. So pull out your camera, set up your YouTube or Vimeo or whatever online video service you prefer, and get going! Get as creative as you like with edits and effects, or keep it simple and just show us your personality. We're looking for hosts that are more Jon Stewart than rock stars, so don't be scared of sending us something that's just you talking - that's most of what hosting an Alamo show is, after all.

When you've got your video ready and it's uploaded, send an email with your name and contact information and a link to your video to [email protected] We'll let you know that we received it, and then on August 10th we'll let everyone know who made it to the live callbacks. Good luck!

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