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Nothing Can Prepare You For TROLLHUNTER

Fantastic Fest favorite TROLLHUNTER opens for select screenings at South Lamar on Friday.  That means you need to go to the theatre right away.

Nothing Can Prepare You For TROLLHUNTER

There was one stand-out film at last year's Fantastic Fest in the Secret Screening line-up, a film that left our audiences utterly baffled and in awe.  That movie was quickly bought up and, after wowing audienes in its native Norway and at a US premiere screening at Sundance, is just finally making its way to a nationwide release.

And it couldn't come at a better time.  With our current cultural turmoil, we need TROLLHUNTER more than ever.  Yes, we need this Norwegian gift to mankind, a film that purports to blow the lid off of the Troll conspiracy in Scandinavia.

Frank Lovece of Film Journal International calls the film "Both a remarkably suspenseful voyage ... and a dry-witted commentary on the nature of expedient bureaucracy.... Part horror movie, part social satire, and bursting with Norway’s savage beauty ... It is destined to be a classic of its kind."  V. A. Musetto in the New York Post gives us a very important warning, "You'll want to catch this clever movie before Hollywood ruins everything with a dumb remake."  Hours after this was published, Chris Columbus, director of HOME ALONE, MRS. DOUBTFIRE, and A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, announced that he had purchased the remake rights.  Egads. 

Sean Gandert at Paste Magazine puts it most aptly, though: "In every sense, TROLLHUNTER lives up to its ridiculous name and premise."

Check it all week at the Alamo South Lamar.  It'll make your life better.


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