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No surprise here! Conservative Lubbock LOVED FOUR LIONS!

Last week, I was roped into the task of presenting a Rolling Roadshow screening of FOUR LIONS in the second most conservative city in the US, Lubbock, Texas. Having never been to Lubbock, I was a little concerned. Then I found out it was seven hours away from Austin. My concern heightened.

Fortunately, I did not have to embark on this journey alone. The oh-so-gentlemanly boys of the Rolling Roadshow tour are very knowledgeable when it comes to epic roadtrips (after all, they recently wrapped up the "We Are All Workers" Levi's Roadshow), so I grabbed a ride with them and we took off from the Alamo S. Lamar at 9am Tuesday morning. After a chicken fried steak pitstop, and a seven-hour drive, we arrived in Lubbock on the Texas Tech campus.

The boys got to setting up the massive inflatable screen in the park and we waited.. and waited.. and waited. There was a moment when we were concerned that maybe just the thought of this film rubbed too many people the wrong way and they wouldn't come see it. That fear disappeared when the screening time rolled around, and suddenly (seriously, they came out of nowhere!) around 100 people showed up.

They didn't just show up, they showed up in the cold! We immediately knew that this screening was going to be awesome. Every one was laughing, nobody stormed off in anger, and those who loved it came to talk to us afterwards. Check out the video for their reactions, and thanks to everyone on the Texas Tech campus and the Rolling Roadshow boys for making my first Rolling Roadshow a fantastic screening! Lubbock, you're alright. I'm sorry I was worried about you!

FOUR LIONS hits more theaters this weekend! Check it out at  S. LAMAR and LAKE CREEK!


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