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New Series ASIAN INVASION Launches with a Barrage of Cool

It took Hong Kong to make the '90s cool.  HEROIC TRIO proves that.

New Series ASIAN INVASION Launches with a Barrage of Cool

We love those movies from the far east - kung fu, gun fu, weird horror - it's an obsession. We've always sprinkled Asian titles into the mix, but now we're making it a regular part of our downtown Ritz programming. On the last Sunday of every month our late show at the Ritz will be a rare 35mm screening of an Asian title we love. Admission is only $5. We hope to see you there every month for the best in flying swordsmen, triad gunplay, rubber monsters and mangled subtitles.

It took Hong Kong to make the '90s cool. Every second of this film is saturated with the distilled essence of the Lollapalooza decade. Director Johnny To and action choreographer Ching Siu Tung go all out to make the biggest, silliest, most bombastic action movie that the minimal budget would permit and they succeed. Michelle Yeoh, Maggie Cheung and Anita Mui play a trio of futuristic superwomen who trace a baby kidnapping ring back to an Evil Dark Lord (Yee Kwan Yan) and his ruthless henchman (the great Anthony Wong). The action sequences are huge, cheap and completely over the top. Every law of physics is disregarded in this comic book come to life. Highly recommended!

HEROIC TRIO - Sunday July 31, 10pm @The Ritz!  Tickets on sale now!


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