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New Sci-Fi Posters- Planet of the Apes, The Thing, and The CAR!!!

We here at the Alamo and Mondo Tees are committed to awesomeness. Need proof? Ply your Peepers up top. From our poster series commemorating our Sci-Fi screenings at the Ritz, we have the hot off the presses Planet of the Apes by Todd Slater and The Thing by Tyler Stout.
And, in an Alamo first, for a Terror Thursday we've commissioned the world-famous Stainboy to bring us his version of THE CAR, limited to 50 prints!

For those of you not in the know, Terror Thursday this week will be presenting THE CAR free of charge (as always) at the Ritz theater on 6th! This movie is everything 'Christine' isn't...evil, demented, and freaking sweet.

Or, as Alamo Poster Wrangler Rob Jones says- "(The Car)makes you think you know what will happen, and then exceeds all expectations. It's like thinking Michael Myers is going to take that cleaver and split a guy's head open, but instead he splits the guy from crown to crotch and throws the cleaver through the floor to kill a babysitter sitting on the couch downstairs."

That sounds like a good time!

The last 2 posters Mondo put up for sale sold out in 36 hours, and it looks like these are closing in on beating that record!

Don't miss the screenings, and don't miss the posters. You will be sad.

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