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New Sci-Fi Poster series- KONG and 2001!

WOWEE! We here at the Alamo love movies, and we love movie posters. So, when we put on special screenings and series, we like to get OUR OWN exclusive posters made up.
We're in the middle of our Spring Big Screen Sci-Fi Classics series at the Alamo Ritz (2001 starts this weekend) and have commissioned a set of posters for the screenings!
1st up we have acclaimed artist Jay Ryan's 2001, and Burlesque Studios' King Kong!
These posters are are hand pulled silkscreened prints, measuring a big BIG 27x40, and only available either at the screenings or on line through! Kong is limited to 50 and 2001 limited to 90. Get 'em now, or feel bad later!

There are still 3 more posters to go in this set, so keep your eyes peeled for face-melting awesomeness!

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