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New Posters- Rolling Thunder and Terminator!

New Posters- Rolling Thunder and Terminator!

The Sci-Fi poster series returns this week with a BEAUTIFUL new Terminator poster by French poster legend, Yann Legendre with his first ever Alamo print! This 4-color process silkscreened poster measures a big 24x36, and is signed and numbered by the artist! Printed in Chicago at the Bird Machine!

This amazing print turns every expectation on its head. Replacing the traditional pic of Arnie with Hamilton's Sarah Connor, this is probably the first time ever the HERO of the Terminator films (at least the 1st two) has taken center stage in a Terminator poster. The red glowing laser target dead center, indicating her as a marked colleague here at the shop called the whole thing "Haunting".

And returning design concern, The Print Mafia, brings us a print for quite possibly THE BEST MOVIE EVER, Rolling Thunder! (Terror Thrusday guru, Zack Carlson said this film will give me a new religion...we'll see, Zack...but being a Shaker has been fine for me so far.)

This print is absolutely GINORMOUS at 26x38. 3 colors and printed at D and L screenprinting.

Both posters are $30.00 each and available right now and for a limited time only at!

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