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New Posters- Cool Hand Luke and Robocop!

Mondotees has 2 new posters available for your poor, lonely walls!

First up- Jeff Kleinsmith (Of Sub-Pop fame) brings us this Cool Hand Luke poster to promote the Alamo Drafthouse's screening of the late great Salad-Dressing Mogul's classic film! This print measures 24x36 and is a 3 color silkscreen print, printed by D and L. Signed and numbered by Jeff!

And that total jerk, Tim Doyle, has produced this 5 part poster set to promote the Alamo's screening of Robocop this December! Each 12x12 3 color silkscreened poster is an 'OCP' file on a member of the Clarence Boddicker gang. Signed and numbered by that slimeball, Tim Doyle.

Or, it's also available as an uncut sheet featuring a 6th panel of ROBOCOP ON A UNICORN!

All posters are available RIGHT FREAKING NOW on

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