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New Nerdcore from Sniper Twins

This Friday at the Ritz, we're bringing in MC Frontalot and the documentary about his movement - NERDCORE RISING.

Nerdcore, for the uninitiated, is basically rap for geeks. MC Chris has been hosting screenings of some of his favorite movies at the Alamo every time he's been in town for a gig, with last month's choice being HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS.

Chris Trew from Coldtowne just released his new Terp2It album, My Weiner Touches the Ceiling.

And this morning, friends at MTV sent me a new video they'd put together, just because. These guys are calling themselves Sniper Twins these days, but if you've been around long enough, you'll remember them as Nothing Liquid from the old Open Screen Night days. At any rate, with the NERDCORE RISING screening coming later this week, it seemed like the timing was right to share STACK THE MEMORY with you as well.

Check it:

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