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New Mondo Poster Horror Series- Lost Boys

Look, I don't know how to tell you guys this...but the Mondotees / Alamo Drafthouse poster series has become an out of control juggernaut of awesome. At first, I oversaw a few posters here and there, a guest appearance might have required a poster, or some small event we were proud of and wanted to do a poster for...but now... YIKES. I'm in the market for a new house so that I can just get extra wallspace to hang all these prints.

So- We're announcing the start of the all-bleeding, all-killing Alamo HORROR poster series. It's October, and we're celebrating our favorite holiday by programming a bunch of Horror classics. And, great movies mean great posters. The first poster in the series (there's gonna be 6 total!) is Lost Boys by James Davis! This poster measures 24x34, is printed on 100 lb artist paper, and each is individually numbered! Printed (possibly with real blood...) by D and L screen printers!

This poster is up for sale right now at!

I'd HIGHLY suggest subscribing to this blog, so you can keep on top of new poster releases, so you don't miss out. (If you're into that kind of thing...)

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