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NEW! Hellride poster by Tyler Stout!

So, a little history here- A while back, the producers of Hellride contacted Alamo Drafthouse Poster artist regular Tyler Stout to make a poster for this film before they even started working on it. (Could all those Quentin Tarantino QT Fest posters Tyler did for us catch someone's eye? Hmmm?)
They wanted him to come up with an incredible image that would impress investors and help secure funding and get the Pic Greenlit. Tyler did this, and did such a GREAT job that the film got made. (Note to film producers...Tyler gets your shit done.)

Now, with Hellride cast with such luminaries of cult-cinema like Hopper, Carradine, and Madsen, the production needed Tyler to Re-draw the poster, featuring the actors likenesses. Again...done beautifully. Now, there's one-sheets of this print up in cinemas across the country. So, time comes for Hellride to open nationally...Tarantino PERSONALLY makes sure it plays exclusively at the Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin, and OF COURSE we need an exclusive poster to commemorate the event!

Measuring 24x36, this 4 color silk screened print is printed on 100 lb artist paper by D and L screenprinting. Available in Regular (200 copies) and ultra-limited metallic Variant (14 copies)!

And not to give you the hard-sell, but YES, the SPACED poster by Tyler Stout last week sold out in 48 hours. This is sure to do the same!

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