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New AFS Series promises to restore humanity through great films

I'm really excited about Austin Film Society's newest series: A Summer of Restoration: Selections from Milestone Films.

From July 3rd to August 7, every Saturday at the Ritz the very good and creative people at AFS are bringing some of the highlights from Milestone Films, an organization that is responsible for distributing and restoring some of the greatest films throughout history.

From the AFS press announcement:  "With an emphasis on the physical restoration of classic films and a spiritual restoration of our 21st century souls, Austin Film Society presents a wide selection of films, old and new, from the wonderful Milestone catalog."

The line-up delivers on that promise of spiritual restoration, with a slew of titles that will renew your interest in the cinema's power to inspire.

6/12: VILLAGE OF DREAMS - A recent Japanese film offering insights on what it means to be a child.

6/19: THE EDGE OF THE WORLD - Michael Powell's gorgeously shot island drama.

6/26: ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS - Luchino Visconti's scathing and brutal treatment of family and Italian culture, one of the absolute best films from a master of Italian cinema.

7/3: KILLER OF SHEEP - The often discussed, rarely seen student film that inspired a generation of independent and meaningful filmmakers.

7/10: IT HAPPENED HERE - This film answers the question: What would have happened if the Nazis won and controlled Great Britain.

7/17: THE TRIAL - Orson Welles' masterful adapation of the Franz Kafka novel, starring Anthony Perkins (Norman Bates) as the infamous Josef K.  One of Welles' best films.

7/24: ARAYA - A beautiful documentary capturing the lives of three families of salt-harvesters on the coast of Venezuela.

7/31: SIDDHARTHA - A challenging interpretation of Herman Hesse's novel.

8/7: SOUTH: ERNEST SHACKLETON AND THE ENDURANCE EXPEDITION - A silent adventure film capturing an amazing rescue journey in Antarctica.

Great films, all, and some are absolute must sees: you will only have yourself to blame if you miss THE TRIAL or ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS.  Remember, all throughout June and July, spend your Saturday noons at the Ritz with the Austin Film Society.  You won't regret it.

Also from Milestone Films, check out our screenings of I AM CUBA tomorrow at 8 and ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED on June 27.


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