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New Phase of Construction at South Lamar Set to Begin

The new South Lamar building is just a few steps away from being turned over to the Alamo Drafthouse for work on the interior, which is slated to begin January 2014.

New Phase of Construction at South Lamar Set to Begin

As you can see from the shots above and below, most of the glass doors for the lobby entrance at the plaza have been installed. There is a little left undone here, but not much.

Also, the patio area has sheetrock around it to close up the building and make it secure for work on the interior to begin. This phase of the project is set to start early January 2014.

Framing and sheetrock work around the entrance to the original South Lamar theater hallway has been completed.

All of the first phase of the construction work on the lobby/Highball area of South Lamar has been completed. When I was there last Thursday taking pictures, a few construction crew workers were going around cleaning up debris from the space.

It is hard to believe that, sometime soon, a lot of karaoke will be happening up here.

Work on the Treadwell driveway entrance has begun. I will also note that the parking garage for building three is done, complete with lighting and parking space stripes. As I covered in a little more detail in a previous post, there are a lot of aspects to this project that will need to come together before the Alamo is allowed to open for the public, but the state of the development immediately around the South Lamar building is encouraging.  

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