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NEW- Spaced poster from Tyler Stout and Mondo Tees!

Spaced! SPACED! The cult-hit British TV show is finally taking it's bow on a US DVD this month, and the Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating in style.

For those of you NOT going to the already way-sold out event, you can grab one of these from MONDOTEES.COM right now! And remember- we only ordered 200 of these, about 200 people will be at the event, so each one you buy keeps it out of the hands of the people who got in!

Sweet Revenge!

And for those lucky devils who did get in to Sunday's Spaced event...what are you waiting for? Order it with 'In-Store Pick-Up' and we'll have it waiting for you at the Ritz on Sunday under your name. (Or you can pick it up at Lamar starting Friday afternoon) Nothing better to get autographed than a custom printed poster, right?

On Saturday at midnight, we'll suspend sales on this poster and any remaining will be at the show on Sunday.

Every Tyler Stout poster we've printed has sold out, so don't miss out!
Buy now, or I'm sure you'll be sad later...

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