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Never forget the insanity…VIVA VHS!!! This Wed at the Ritz!

viva-vhs-blogCome celebrate the bygone days when VHS was King! The folks from Seattle's Scarecrow Video have delved into their archives to unearth forgotten gems and mind-blowing revelations of magnetic mayhem for this special salute to the now neglected medium.

On December 23, 2008, the last shipment of VHS left the warehouse of the last remaining distributor of pre-recorded tapes. The media seized upon the opportunity to eulogize the home video format, claiming this was the final endpoint of a long, slow decline.

BUT...not everyone was ready to let VHS go. From attics and basements, from underneath beds and atop the highest closet shelves, from the racks of dollar stores and shelves of independent video stores, oddball tapes continued to emerge. And VCR heads are still spinning, illuminating eager faces with the glow of '80s boner comedies, erstwhile celebrity exercise tapes and homemade exploitation gorefests. VHS lives. Join us in paying tribute to the shining memory of mom & pop video stores and the enchanting wonders of home cinema.




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