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Music Monday is gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove with LED ZEPPELIN: THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME on April 15 


When Led Zeppelin finally decided to film one of their live performances, they knew that only the big screen would do.   It took several years, two directors, reshoots, backstage drama, and an overblown budget, but Led Zeppelin finally reached the big screen in THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME.

THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME is a sublime and messy experience.  Filmed during the 1973 HOUSES OF THE HOLY tour, and capturing the band at their peak, it’s both fact and fiction, combining raw footage with fantasy sequences.  There are not many bands that could have gotten away with portraying themselves as knights, highwaymen, and mythological seekers, but Led Zeppelin did.  The combination of grandiose vision and grubby backstage experiences makes this an incredible slice of music history, and a surreal production that could only come out of the 1970s.

SONG met with harsh criticism upon its release, and even the band shrugged it off as a less than stellar production. (One exception was Jimmy Page, who cautiously praised it in 1976 as “a reasonably honest statement of where we were at the time.”) But it was always popular with fans, and though Led Zeppelin has subsequently released better and glossier concert recordings on DVD, SONG continues to be cherished as a terrific time capsule.   “If you want to catch Zeppelin in all their preposterous, 'because we can' glory,” writes MOJO critic James McNair, “THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME is the one [to see].

THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME will be our very first MUSIC MONDAY event on Monday, April 15 at 9:00pm.   We’re excited to bring this series to a great music city like Denver, and we know we’ll be rocking out with you for many Mondays to come.  

As with all our screenings and special events, our entire Drafthouse food and drink menu will be available within the theater.  Simply pop an order card into the metal rail at your table, and our staff of ninja servers will have your food and drink out to you without missing a beat.  And if you’re in a hurry to get to your seat (and who wouldn’t be, with Led Zeppelin waiting?), you can actually order drinks straight from our box office, and carry them into the theater with you. 

And if SONG has you feeling nostalgic for the days when rock music was real, raw, and really meant something, then feel free to visit our lobby tavern, Glass Half Full.  Our talented bartenders can mix up anything you’re thirsty for, and if you were too distracted by Page’s solos to eat, our full food menu is also available. You never need a ticket to visit Glass Half Full, so come by to drink and dine at any time.

Tickets for MUSIC MONDAY: THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME are available now. 


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