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Music Monday kicks off a new year with CONTROL

Music Monday kicks off a new year with CONTROL

Before there was Daft Punk, before there was Blink 182, and before there was any electro pop/punk music you've heard in the last thirty years, there was Joy Division, one of the most influential post-punk bands to come out of Factory Records. As their short success continued to rise, they were hit with a mondo tragedy: frontman Ian Curtis committed suicide. In 2007, Avant-garde auteur Anton Corbijn released a fictional biography (shot in black-and-white) on Curtis' life from 1973 to 1980, covering his personal struggles with marriage and infidelity, the rise of Joy Division, and his battle with epilepsy, which is an alleged contribution to his suicide in 1980. CONTROL is one of the better fictional biographies about a musical legend.

Music Monday: CONTROL - Jan 2nd & 9th - Ritz

Music Mondays are heroically sponsored by Austin's greatest music store, End of an Ear Records, and Austin's most essential vintage furniture and decor store, Room Service.


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