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Music Monday: DECONSTRUCTING DAD with director Stan Warnow in person

A bonafide musical genius, Raymond Scott was something of an overnight success with his quintet back in the '40s. And while many out there might not recognize the name today, if you've ever watched any of the classic Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoons you know the music: jazzy, swinging and slightly off-kilter.

Scott also pioneered some of the earliest electronic music -- not just composing it, but actually inventing and building the gadgets to do it. But despite his brilliant trailblazing and sizeable body of work, Scott spent the later years of his life poor and in relative obscurity. In the past few decades, however, his music has been re-discovered, praised, covered, and sampled by artists  including the Kronos Quartet,  Gorillaz, They Might Be Giants, and Soul Coughing just to name a few.

“Raymond Scott isn’t a fascinating figure to tech heads and crate diggers alone — to this day, he continues to mystify even his own son, veteran film editor Stan Warnow. Through interviews with the likes of Mark Mothersbaugh, and John Williams — as well as his own family members — the younger Warnow pieces together a portrait of an artist neither he nor his father’s fans fully understand.” - Onion AV Club

Don't miss the Music Monday screening of DECONSTRUCTING DAD: The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott with filmmaker Stan Warnow in person. Tickets available here.


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