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Moviefone gets Lars Nilsen’s Horror Critique!

Weird Wednesday programmer Lars Nilsen dishes the dirt on "classic" horror movies that may, or may not, deserve their good reputations.

Moviefone gets Lars Nilsen’s Horror Critique!

A couple of weeks ago, we brought your attention to Moviefone's 20 Most Iconic Horror Scenes, but at that time, they had only listed five. Now they're up to FIFTEEN! (Actually, they're almost done, but we have commentary on FIFTEEN!). Zack Carlson and Lars Nilsen (Alamo programmers, movie buffs, professional funny guys, masters of wit) have given their two cents (totaling four whole cents) on Moviefone's selections. Most people who see Zack and Lars regular screenings (Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday and others) will immediately notice that these more mainstream titles aren't exactly Z & L's bread and butter, but they can still recognize a solid horror moment when they see one.

Zack commented on picks #20-#16 including scenes from HellraiserThe FlyThe RingThe Amityville Horror and Night of the Living Dead (read those here!) and then again on picks #15-#11 inclu. scenes from A Nightmare on Elm StreetThe OmenRosemary's BabyFrankenstein, and The 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre (read 'em here!).

Lars took on picks #10-#6 with scenes from American Werewolf in London, Friday the 13th, Carrie, Scream and Poltergeist (READ 'EM NOW!).

Lars will talk about the last 5 picks after they're all released (in two more days!) and then both Lars and Zack will compile their own list of the best horror scenes from their cult favorites!

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