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More than Meets the Electoral Eye

So we've got some shows of the original TRANSFORMERS movie (you know, it's the one that made you cry in front of all your friends) coming up at the Alamo Downtown this March. I was doing some random web searches for some pictures I could use in various promotions with it when I came across this:

Totally awesome bit of "if only" wishing. Sigh. Cause just think about how awesome his interviews with Stephen Colbert would be! I love the way in that picture he's taking questions, though, instead of just celebrating with all the other Autobots that helped on his campaign.

Oh! And then I decided to see where the picture actually came from, and apparently it was used on Gizmodo back in Nov '04. So I went over to Gizmodo and did a search for "Optimus Prime" when I found this:

An Optimus Prime iPod dock! That geek who has everything? You know what to get him for his birthday.

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