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More on the Borat legal troubles…

Lawyers representing the villagers of Glod, Romania, say they'll be filing three lawsuits against the makers of "Borat" in New York, Florida and Germany, asking not just for damages -- they're seeking over $30 million for the way they were portrayed in the film -- but also that the film be edited to cast them in a better light. The lawyer heading the villagers' suit, Edward D. Fagan, who's known for winning a case that forced Swiss banks to pay $1.25 billion to Holocaust victims in the 1990s, said he hopes to "teach Hollywood a very expensive lesson." "This case is not about money but about dignity," said Fagan in New York. "The producers need to pay because they deprived the villagers of Glod of their essential right to choose." (Los Angeles Times)

Personally, I think it's a huge load of crap. It's a freaking comedy, there's no loss of dignity for this fictitious town! Right now, these suits are good for continuing the buzz on Borat, hands down the funniest film of the year if not the decade, but if in the end the legal vultures decimate the profits and prevent this type of film from ever being made again, well, then we will all be living in a far sadder world.

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