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More news on the Borat lawsuits…

I don't know about you folks, but I'm fascinated by the legal woes of 20th Century Fox and Sacha Baron Cohen. Here's a couple of updates...

Things don't look so good for Frat Boys vs. Borat. The judge threw out the request to halt the DVD release and remove the scene with the reprehensible, racist, misogynist boys. Full story

Also this week, a South Carolina man is suing Fox for a scene that is slated for the DVD extras in which Cohen, while posing as a restroom attendant, oogles the man's privates in a public restroom . Full Story

Personally, I hope that all of these suits are struck down and the plaintiffs burdened with the legal costs of 20th Century Fox. This is not how my America is supposed to work. Viva Borat!

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