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More Information on this Sunday’s “The Future of 3D” Fantastic Fest Panels!

RealDMost film festival panels are pretty much the same old, same - how to get your film distributed, how to find financing - which is pretty much the reason we don't do too many of them here at Fantastic Fest. So something would have to be pretty exciting for Fantastic Fest to drop their “no panels” rule, and that is this year’s 3D sidebar, “RealD presents Fantastic Fest in 3D”.

At Fantastic Fest, we’re excited about the new advances in digital 3D technology not just because it’s cool, but because this is where the future of fantastic filmmaking is going. In five years, we’re expecting low budget 3D entries to become part of the norm the same way HD filmmaking has taken over from 35mm, so with the future upon us, we’re looking ahead to where things are now and where things are headed with Sunday’s “The Future of 3-D” panel at the Alamo South Lamar. Any independent filmmaker who is looking to make the leap into 3D filmmaking now has a golden opportunity to learn just what it takes to go 3D from some of the top professionals in the 3D industry.

We have assembled a group of experts for a half day of presentations to give filmmakers real tools, concepts and techniques for shooting in 3D, with guest speakers from such companies as RealD, Pixar and Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios teaching you how it's done. You'll will learn how to produce quality 3D on a low budget, including how to shoot, edit, and create FX that will astonish audiences without breaking the bank. With the 3D revolution now firmly set to take over the film industry, now is the time for independent filmmakers to seize the opportunities that 3D brings to the filmmaking process, and hear firsthand how making your own 3D movie is easier than you think.

3-D has been credited with helping to make this summer's movie box office the biggest ever, and anyone who saw UP or CORALINE in 3-D will tell you that seeing those movies in 3-D was the only way to go. But more important than that, it's made going to the movies exciting again, giving audiences a unique, one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that they can’t get from downloads or Blu-Ray. "The Future of 3D" Fantastic Fest panel represents an opportunity to learn about new, cutting edge filmmaking technology from some of the top folks in the know. Plus, we'll feed you lunch!

Here is a breakdown of “The Future of 3-D” Panels:

Opening Panel: The Future of 3D
With 3D technology taking hold in cinemas and the promise of home delivery mechanisms on the horizon, the growing amount of 3D content hints that 3D is back for good. Or is it? Leaders in 3D industry technology will explore the impact of 3D technology and content, how it has revolutionized the marketplace, and what the future holds. This panel will be moderated by Fantastic Fest festival director Tim League.

Panelists include:
Joshua Grier (President and co-founder, RealD)
Prior to founding RealD, Greer was Co-Founder and Chief Convergence Officer of Walden Media, where he was responsible for overseeing all of the company's technology and infrastructure and was involved in the development of such films as The Chronicles of Narnia, Holes and Charlotte's Web, as well as James Cameron's 3D documentaries for IMAX, Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep. It was his work with Cameron, designing the first all-digital 3D projection system, which first inspired him to create RealD along with Michael Lewis. He has spoken to audiences around the world about turning technologies into products and businesses, and he participates on a number of key standards groups including SMPTE, ATSC, IEEE, and SPIE.

Bob Whitehall (Pixar Animation)
Bob Whitehall began his career at Pixar Animation Studios in April 2004. Brought on as a Layout Artist on the Golden Globe® winning Cars, he continued in this role on Pixar's animated short film Lifted, and the Academy Award® winning feature WALL-E. Whitehill served as Stereoscopic Supervisor on the 3D production of Disney/Pixar's hit 2009 release UP. He is also the Stereographic Supervisor on the 3D conversion of the original TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2.

Andrew Fear (Senior Product Manager, Consumer 3D Products - NVIDIA Corporation)
Andrew Fear has more than 11 years of experience in the high-technology field with an emphasis on graphics processing units, 3D gaming, and the PC market. Mr. Fear began his career at 3dfx and was instrumental in leading the product management cycle for 3D graphics drivers. Mr. Fear currently is a senior product manager at NVIDIA Corporation and is responsible for NVIDIA’s consumer stereoscopic 3D products, including NVIDIA 3D Vision.

Brian Zucker (Dell Technology Strategist and Blu-ray Board of Directors)
Brian Zucker is a 20 year Dell veteran and currently a Technology Strategist in the Office of the CTO. Mr. Zucker is responsible for driving a deeper understanding of new consumer focused PC technologies while helping to define future product direction. Some of the projects he is involved with include 3D technology and its applications to personal computers, design concepts around living room PCs, and new methods for human interactions with computers. Mr. Zucker is also on the Board of Directors of the Blu-ray Disc Association. This organization is continuing the development of the high definition optical disc format to bring enhanced features to the home such as those related to 3D playback.

Presentation: 3D Theory, a Primer and Demonstration
Whether you are shooting with two cameras screwed to a 2X4 or are using an automated, self-adjusting motorized camera rig, the camera operator in both scenarios must understand the basic theory of 3D. This presentation will provide a crash-course on 3D theory, illustrate the differences between parallel and convergence systems, and explore the concept of how 3D is perceived with each.

About the Presenter:
2008 EMMY award winning DP for Cinematography, Published Author and HD Instructor B. Sean Fairburn SOC served as Lead 3D rig tech and IO&C Puller for U23D. Sean specializes in HD, and is one of the most knowledgeable High Definition Cameramen in the country. Often working as Consultant, DP, Cam Op, or DIT on difficult or challenging projects that require a strong blend of disciplines both highly technical and artistic. Learning the Craft of 3D from esteemed 3DDP Peter Anderson ASC, Sean spent the past 8 years working with him in every aspect of 3D live action production.

Presentation: Simple Tools, Impressive 3D Results
A leader in 3D music video production, 3DStereolabs have developed their own live 3D preview system for stereoscopic shoots as well as cutting edge stereoscopic workflows in Final Cut Pro. The 3DStereolabs team (Michael Page, Keith Driver and Fernando Apodaca) demonstrate how to combine elbow grease and consumer grade tools to effectively create stereoscopic effects.

About the Presenters:
Fernando Apodaca (3DStereolabs)
Fernando Apodaca’s innovative work as a film director, composer, and painter/sculptor has been exhibited and premiered internationally. Apodaca has directed music videos for Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, Unwritten Law, Mburu, Slightly Stoopid, and Mad Juana. Fernando’s use of non-traditional and organic processes earned him a nomination for "Best Special Effects" at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and "Best Music Video Director" at the San Diego Film Festival for the Pearl Jam music video. He is directing a 3-D music video for the legendary New York Dolls, and was recently asked to direct his first feature film utilizing 3-D film technology.

Michael Page (3DStereolabs)
Michael Page is an award winning digital 3D producer with extensive hands-on production experience both on and off the set. Having found a haven in the creative and expressive world of 3D and digital 3D production, Michael co-founded the Los Angeles based 3Dstereolab and is now serving as Executive Producer on several 3D music videos currently in production in Europe and the U.S.

Keith Driver (3Dstereolab)
Keith has over 5 years experience in steoerscopic shooting and editing. He has designed a Live 3D preview system for stereoscopic shoots and developed cutting edge stereoscopic workflows in Final Cut pro as well as 2D to 3D conversion techniques.

Presentation:Troublemaker presents a 3D Filmmaking Primer
An early adopter of digital 3D technology, Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios have been working in digital 3D since 2002. Jabbar Raisani and members of the digital post-production team from Troublemaker will go through what data to capture on-set, how to acquire it, and how to utilize the data gathered in post-production to help you best understand how to properly finish your 3D feature.

About the presenter:
Visual Effects Supervisor, Jabbar Raisani currently works as a staff member at Troublemaker Studios in Austin, TX. He recently worked as the on-set VFX Sup on "Machete" and is in production on "Predators". Previously he worked in Los Angeles at Stan Winston Studio on such films as IRON MAN, INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, FANTASTIC FOUR, SUPERMAN RETURNS, and numerous award-winning commercials.

Following the presentation, attendees are invited to visit the 3D Lounge at the Highball (1142 South Lamar, in the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar shopping center) for further conversation and demonstrations.

This presentation is open to Fantastic Fest badgeholders as well as area filmmakers and students. The Panel will run from 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM and includes a lunch from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Tickets for this event are $75, $25 students and Austin Film Society members. Admission is limited and we expect these to sell out quickly.

Additional support for "The Future of 3D" comes from the Texas Film Commission.


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