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More Free Fu at the Alamo Village This Friday!

004chinese_herculesDespite competition from some kind of film festival, last month's Free Kung Fu Theater screening of Jackie Chan's CITY HUNTER was still a success, and we're back again with another exciting slice of martial arts madness at the Alamo Village this Friday with CHINESE HERCULES!  Described as "The First and Only Muscle-Mad Monster of the Martial Arts!", CHINESE HERCULES stars Bolo Yeung, probably best known as the villain from Jean-Claude Van Damme's BLOODSPORT and DOUBLE IMPACT (along with having appeared in ENTER THE DRAGON), and as the title would imply, he truly is muscle-mad, but whether or not he's a monster is really up to the audiences to decide.

Old school Kung Fu featuring an honest hard-working man, who of course knows kung fu, rising up against a dickish employer who mistreats and underpays his workers. There's a love story too and a revenge motive, but like most martial arts film of the classic era, the numerous fights are the raison d'etre. The titular Chinese Hercules is not the hero of the piece, but rather the big boss' henchman, played by the massively developed muscleman Bolo Yeung.  Needless to say, much martial-arts mayhem ensues.

CHINESE HERCULES is screening at midnight this Friday at the Alamo Village.  Now that BATTLESTAR: GALACTICA is off the air you obviously don't have anything to do on Friday nights, so come on down to the Village for another FREE martial arts extravaganza courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse!

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