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MONSTER ROCK lessons from the Daily Texan

Last week, the Daily Texan sent their columnist Andrew O'Connor down to the Ritz to check out the MONSTER ROCK Sing-Along. Caitlin was our host for that week's show, and she guided him through the world of teased hair and codpieces like an expert.

The best part about this article, though, and why you should really read it, is that it isn't just about the show and full of sentences describing the antics on stage or the videos on screen. No, Andrew went way further than that and actually spends his column inches teaching the kids how to rock out with their cocks out (and teasing the indie rock kids, which is always a good laugh).

Some highlights from the article:
"A true cock rocker doesn't know what a sleeve is other than a musk-blocking impediment. Ladies love that musk."

"When we wanna 'Slip It In' a la Whitesnake or rave about how 'the looser the waistband/ the deeper the quicksand,' we're trying to make you feel beautiful."

Check out the full article here, and get tickets to next week's MONSTER ROCK show here.

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