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MMMIX: Or How We Spent Our Halloween

DAWN OF THE DEAD ('78) featuring a LIVE zombie attack and Mr. George Romero!

MMMIX: Or How We Spent Our Halloween

This past Saturday, an epic night went down. It was the ninth installment of the Mondo Mystery Movie series. It's a fun game Mondo and the Alamo like to play where we don't tell anyone what's happening or what they'll be seeing, promise a sweet movie poster, and you guys pay roughly $75-$150 to go. It's pretty incredible what blind trust our audience has for us, and cheers to Mondo for consistently living up to expectations!

The instructions for Saturday's event led movie-goers to meet at the Riverbend Church off E. 51st. Arrive by 8:30pm. Doors lock at 9:30pm. Speculations of us screening The Exorcist made rounds.

Little did they know, we had no intention of going into that church! Nearly 700 people were then loaded on to charter buses. With a police escort (obviously), the buses made their way to Highland Mall, where a horde of zombies was waiting for them.

The movie goers were instructed to RUN! Zombies swarmed and a few surviving members of our National Guard fired weapons to try to fight them off. Tragically, not everyone made it. 

Worn, exhausted, the brave audience members took their seats in the main hall of the mall. Friends were made, beers were had, and Mondo's Justin Ishmael took to the stage (in zombie make-up that prevented any sight from his right eye). The film would be the original Dawn of the Dead, and who better to introduce it than Mr. George Romero himself. 

After shooting a zombie in the head...

(seriously, how rad is that picture?!) ...Mr. Romero said "Shit happens." What a total badass. Check out the recap of the night below:

Everyone receive this amazing Jeff Proctor poster (which took him over 3 weeks to complete). Every zombie from the film is included on the piece and is 100% approved by Dawn of the Dead and Richard P. Rubinstein himself. 

Huge thanks to Meredith and the Hawgfly team for their extroadinary work on cranking out a couple hundred fully made-up and disgustingly bloody zombies in just over four hours. Thanks to the incredible extras who all thought they were going to be in a film called Let Them Eat Brains (and then got a sweet poster for it) and to Arts + Labor for documenting the entire event. And even more thanks to Highland Mall and their awesome security team who didn't freak out when we forgot to tell them that our "National Guard" would be firing live rounds until about 20 minutes before showtime. They were incredibly accomodating, and the mall was a fantastic atmosphere for the evening!


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