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Mixed Nuts: A Selection of Demented Comedies

Coming up in October, we'll have four amazing films that will have you cringing with chuckles.

Mixed Nuts: A Selection of Demented Comedies

All taking place as the '60s gave way to the '70s, these movies poke fun at the shift in morality in these grand United States. Each possessing a demented sense of humor, they are full of characters that tackle problems in unorthodox ways, dabbling in drug use, casual murder and even strip poker.

All 35mm film prints!

Milos Forman's first film made in the US gives hints of what he was to do later with ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. Still no legitimate DVD release in this country, this is a rare chance to see it!

10/14 - A NEW LEAF
Walter Matthau stars along with Elaine May (who also wrote and directed) in this comedy which finds his careless playboy plotting to marry and murder her botany-loving heiress.

Dennis (Anthony Perkins), fresh out of prison, lands in a sleepy New England town where he captures the imagination of Sue Ann (Tuesday Weld), a teenager ready for adventure, even if it involves murder.

Elliott Gould stars in this great pitch black comedy which manages to turn the existential dread of living in New York City into scintillating laughs.



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