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Mirror, Mirror - A South Lamar Update

The flourishes inside the Highball are multiplying with each visit. 

Mirror, Mirror - A South Lamar Update

Progress inside The Highball and the lobby are really hitting their stride. This really isn’t too much of a surprise, as it seems that all that is left of the heaviest construction type work is installation of the Highball’s dance floor and bar top.

Here is the Highball patio. Except for the spot through which I took this picture, it is pretty much enclosed.

About half of the dance floor has been completed thus far.

Here is a better shot of what the lanes look like on the floor.

Quickly becoming one of my favorite perspectives of the Highball, this is from the stage. Note the features that made it from the original Highball: The chandeliers and mirrors.

A better look at the progress of the bar top.

Journeying into the lobby, this place looks just about ready to host opening night.

A close up of the lobby bar/box office. The back wall is ready for booze.

Vent hoods for projectors are being installed in the booth.

This is, by far, the most spacious Alamo Drafthouse projection booth I have ever seen.

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