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Zack and Lars have already talked about the awesomeness that is MIRAGEMAN over on the Fantastic Fest Blog, but let me reiterate: After seeing that movie, I don't care who shows up for the Secret Screenings. Even if Harry has somehow managed to get his hands on experimental genetically modifying technology and created a one man conglomeration of Steven Spielberg, George Romero, Lucio Fulci, Quentin Tarantino, and Sergio Leone into a new sentient being known only as THE DIRECTOR, who has secretly made a movie called INDIANA STAR WARS ZOMBIE, it won't matter. MIRAGEMAN will still be the film I remember from this festival. Take that, THE DIRECTOR! Even if you don't have a badge to the festival, you will most likely be able to secure a ticket to the encore showing (Wednesday night at 9:35pm). Do it!

To warm you up, check out this vlog entry where Marc Savlov and I talked to Ernesto Díaz Espinoza and Marko Zaror, the director and star of MIRAGEMAN, on Friday night in front of the dancing fire machine. I hadn't seen the movie at this point, but Savlov had seen it and loved it, so I invited him to come on camera to help get this conversation about cinematic influences and high kicks going. Meet the Miragemen:

As usual, thanks to Super!Alright! for helping on the filming on this one, and be sure to check out the Dell Lounge later on for a more complete version of this interview along with dozens of other Fantastic Fest recaps.

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