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Miami Connection & Dragon Sound Merch Now Available For Pre-Order

Claim your limited edition vinyls, shirts, digital soundtracks, posters and DVD/Blu-ray fan packs now before its too late!

Miami Connection & Dragon Sound Merch Now Available For Pre-Order

Greetings Friends Forever Army! The Miami Connection/Dragon Sound merch and apperal you've been seeing us tweet about from Fantastic Fest for the past few weeks is finally available for pre-order via the Drafthouse Films webstore!

Most special of all is perhaps the limited edition Dragon Sound vinyl 7" single which contains both anthems, "Friends" and "Against The Ninja," fully remastered. Inclusive in each vinyl single is a download code to obtain the mp3 versions of the Dragon Sound hits as well as other exclusive tracks from the film. The hand-made sleeves Dragon Sound tank-tops feature raised, iron-pressed letters for an authetic, vintage feel. 

And that stunning Miami Connection poster! Purchase it within any of the DVD/Blu-ray fan packs, the "Oh My God!" Edition or The Tough Guys Edition, and receive a copy of the poster signed by each member of Dragon Sound! 

New to the Friends Forever Army? Well, you can start off by raging these two synth rock jams with these free downloads!

Please note that each of the a la carte items will ship on Oct 19th and the limited edition DVD/Blu-ray fan packs will ship together on Dec 11th. 


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