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Menu Announced for Sommelier Cinema: THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH

A flight of sultry, steamy wines to help you get through the summer heat - paired to the classic Marilyn Monroe comedy of temptation.

Menu Announced for Sommelier Cinema: THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH

Good news everyone!  It’s almost time for the next Sommelier Cinema.  Yes, we’re at the next installment in the series that brings together fine wines and the films that make us want to drink them.  After our previous trips through Spain, France, Germany and Italy, we’re now at our first American film, the classic comedy of temptation, THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH.

With this excellent Marilyn Monroe sex-comedy, we’ll be exploring the themes of heat and passion.  There is perhaps no better summertime movie than THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH, with its sultry New York City locale and the collar-warming presence of peak-era Monroe.  Our guest, wine seller Eric Pelegrin (a Frenchman!), has taken all of this sweltering romance and found its expression in bottle form.  He’s chosen a delightful collection of French and German wines that perfectly capture the allure of Monroe and the oppressive heat that August brings.

Now that we are in the thick of summer, it’s time for us to learn more about wines that do well in the heat.  This is our chance.

Here are Eric’s selections:

Caves de Sancerre "Les Rochettes" 2009
The movie opens with the city suffering from the heat.  All it needs is Sauvignon Blanc to cool down.  But this is New York!  So it can't be just any Sauvignon.  One of the most complex and sophisticated of them all is definitely Sancerre, one of its truest expressions.  Often imitated, rarely equaled, it is nonetheless very efficient at quenching one's thirst.  It is, in France, synonymous with refreshing white wine.

Andrieux et Fils Cotes de Provence Rose 2010
All fun, all youth, all fresh... That's when Marilyn Monroe enters the plot!  So much Cotes de Provence Rose is consumed in France during the summer vacation months that it used to not ever leave the country.  Lucky for us, America has gone rose-crazy for the past few years, and the result is an abundance of pink wine, a lot of it from the south of France.  Nothing cerebral here: Drink it young, fresh, and do it with friends.

Selbach Riesling Kabinett 2008
To celebrate Ms. Monroe's sensuality, we needed the roundness, the richness and the incredible depth of the Riesling grape.  A lot of wine people agree that Riesling may very well be the greatest grape in wine, for its ability to balance fruit, acidity and minerality, resulting in one of those unforgettable experiences: great Riesling is all that.  A bunch of cloyingly sweet wines gave it a terrible rap, scaring people off, but the good stuff never went away.  And it is for you to enjoy, or better yet, to discover.

Les Heretiques VdP de l'Herault (Languedoc) 2008
Are you searching for a summer red?  One that won't kick you in the teeth; one that won't make you dizzy after one glass?  Put a slight chill on this Languedoc blend of Carignan and Syrah and you will find a versatile companion to all kinds of food.  The wines of the south of France sit about half way between Italy and Spain, and they are, in their structure, an expression of that geographical locale.  And the people there know what to drink in the sun!

As usual, we’ll have a complimentary cheese pairing providing by Antonelli’s Cheese Shop, Austin’s premier cheese destination.  This time out, the Antonellis will be providing a plate of American cheess, some of their favorites from the upcoming American Cheese Society Conference.  They plan to change your opinion of what American cheeses can be.

Four glasses of wine, a fabulous cheese plate and a seat to see a 35mm screening of Billy Wilder’s wonderful comedy – all for the popular price of $26.  Tickets are now on sale!

Wednesday, August 3 at 7pm - Tickets are on sale now!


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