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Meet our Menu!

We are pleased tp introduce you to our food. Do enjoy! 

Meet our Menu!

We're proud to announce a menu that we love and can't wait to serve to you. Our menu has burgers, pizzas, wraps, sandwhiches, chips and dips, fried pickles, hot wingsmilkshakes (including adult milkshakes!), weekend brunch, salads and much more. We have planned a menu that will cater to the meat lovers, the veggie lovers and even the gluten free lovers

Our menu reflects our commitment to serving fresh food, made to order, utilizing fresh produce, house made items (such as burger buns, salad dressings, pizza dough and sauces) and, whenever and wherever possible, locally-sourced ingredients.

From our Chef Jason Donoho: "...I wanted to create a menu that was fresh and approachable while staying true to our concept of ensuring that every guest has a great time and is excited to come back. I've chosen to focus on fresh, clean flavors that our guests can enjoy anytime, whether it's a cheese plate with a glass of wine, or a pizza and a draft beer, or a hatch green chili burger and an Irish coffee shake."

Not to mention, an equal amount of effort has gone into the design of our menu. "The new menu communicates the passion, personality, and do-it-yourself spirit of the Alamo Drafthouse," says Art Director and Film Programmer Joe Ziemba. "It follows the aesthetic of underground film 'zines by utilizing vintage promotional materials and hand-drawn design elements. The menu also improves readability with larger type sizes and increased amounts of space." 

Check out some savory menu shots below and browse the full menu - let us know what you think when you find a new favorite! Plus - if you missed the news yesterday, you can read all about our taps and cocktails here


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