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Maximum FUN at the PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE bike-in drive-in!!! Now on sale!


Saturday, May 23, Sundown, Downtown!

Some things in life are perfect.

All right, only one thing is perfect: PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. This is a stone solid fact. No other movie is one tenth as funny, one hundredth as entertaining or one zillionth as great as this incredible collaboration between Pee Wee Herman and Tim Burton. After vainly searching for another film that even comes close, we're admitting that this movie has no equal, and the Alamo has decided to make Summer 2009 the best season in history by kicking it off with a GIGANTIC, FULL-SCALE 35MM OUTDOOR SCREENING for you and all your pals. And -- just like in the final scene where Pee Wee and Dotty ride their bikes to the drive-in -- you're able to pedal on over for the show!

Watch the most entertaining man who has ever roamed the earth embark on a cross-country quest to reclaim his kidnapped best friend: a bicycle. Along the way, ol' P.W. will encounter tough-as-nails bikers, giant dinosaurs, wild animals, ninjas, chubby billionaires, escaped convicts, buckin' broncos, tone-deaf hobos, unwanted romance, fibbing gypsies, clumsy Godzillas, basement-less Alamos, vengeful boyfriends and even an undead trucker! Fun didn't exist until Pee-Wee invented it, and now the most funrocious, funtacular, fungorious funsplosion in the history of FUN will be presented on the big BIG screen in a gorgeous 35MM print! That's OUTDOORS, because as Pee Wee learned at that rodeo, "The stars at night...are big and bright...(Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!)...deep in the heart of Texas!!"

So bring everyone you’ve ever met and bike (or walk) on in to the most hilarious, entertaining and downright PERFECT Rolling Roadshow screening that could ever exist!


Here's that ticket link again...SEE YOU THERE!

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