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Master Pancake Theater Returns to Houston

Master Pancake Theater, Austin's premiere comedy troupe, is returning to Houston for two sure-to-sell-out shows. Watch as they perform live commentary over THE BREAKFAST CLUB - gently (and sometimes not so gently) mocking John Hughes' classic film.

Master Pancake Theater Returns to Houston

Do you like laughing? Do you like laughing while drinking beer? Do you like laughing while drinking beer at your favorite theater in Houston? Why, then, haven’t you bought your tickets yet for Master Pancake Theater’s live mocking of THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

Similar to Mystery Science Theater or RiffTrax, Master Pancake Theater is a comedy troupe based out of Austin that specializes in lovingly tearing apart movies with live comedic commentary. The group was founded by John Erler and his partner Joe Parsons and began its life as Mister Sinus Theater. Today the group features a rotating band of Austin’s funniest comedians and has been regularly recognized by press — both local and national — for their riotously funny shows. As a movie plays, the comedians gently (and sometimes not so gently) poke fun at it if with live comedy voice-overs, real-time commentary and some pre-selected movie editing. The content is frequently rated R and is always hilarious.

To celebrate the group’s return to Houston for a back-to-school screening of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, we’ve searched the wild jungles of YouTube for some of their past routines and collected them below. Take a look and, when you’re done applying ointment on your knees because you’ve slapped them raw, buy your tickets for their two Houston shows before they sell-out.





Saturday, September 10 @ 6:30 PM & 10 PM — West Oaks


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