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Martha Kelly to do Pretty Woman!

So, to reiterate what you have hopefully already figured out - John Erler's MASTER PANCAKE THEATER is very similar to THE SINUS SHOW, which he was also a founding member of. Both shows feature three comedians talking on microphones during a bad movie. Both shows feature a break in the middle of the movie and a skit that's inspired by the lunacy onscreen. But PANCAKE is not SINUS, and Erler is doing some different things with this new show.

One of the most inspired new addition to the formula of the show is that with PANCAKE, there isn't a regular cast of three. John Erler and Joe Parsons will be there for each show they do, but the third heckler's microphone will be open for a rotating comedian to come in with each movie they do. This afternoon, Erler announced that Martha Kelly will be joining the group for the entire run of PRETTY WOMAN (Fridays this May at the Alamo Downtown), which is a fitting title for her to join in for, as she's also the first female to be a regular part of PANCAKE or SINUS.

Martha's a former Austin resident (and Funniest Person in Austin from 2000) now living in L.A. She's been on HBO's "Premium Blend", "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson", and Conan O'Brien. On top of that she is a delightfully dark, funny, yet somehow warm person, and we're excited to have her hang out with us at the theater for the next month. Here's some of her
recent work on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson", which should definitely give you a sense of her dark warmth:

Martha Kelly on the Late Late Show

Daily Texan article on Master Pancake and Martha Kelly

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