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Man Muscle Madness - a precursor to the bash…

For the last couple of months, everyone in the office has had their eyes open and their ears to the ground seeking out Japanese oddities to fuel the upcoming Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash. Lars just dropped an atom bomb that shredded my entire inbox this afternoon. Behold the Wii game splendor that is MUSCLE MARCH:

Now I don't own a Wii currently, but there is only a sinewy strand of self-discipline holding me in my office chair and away from a new console at Fry's so I can download this odditiy.

If you think this is the evolution of humor, the pinnacle of what modern man can achieve on this planet, then please join us for the maiden voyage of Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash on Monday the 25th. This year's show is roided-out with an intensity much akin to the biceps of Muscle March.

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