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Machine Gun Preacher arrives on-screen and in person

Meet the real-life Machine Gun Preacher and see the movie at the Alamo!

Machine Gun Preacher arrives on-screen and in person

Machine Gun Preacher is the story of Sam Childers, a Pennsylvanian preacher who has spent the last 13 years fighting to rescue suffering children from civil wars in Northern Uganda and Sudan. Childers, a former biker and drug dealer, was an excessively violent man until he found God at age 30. In the years since, Childers has waged a battle against overwhelming odds and somehow lived to tell the tale. In 1998, Childers founded the non-profit group Angels of East Africa, which has rescued over 1,000 orphaned children from starvation, disease, and enslavement by the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa.


Director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner) directs Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen, The Bounty Hunter), Michelle Monaghan (Mission Impossible 3, Eagle Eye) and Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road, Pearl Harbor) in the film.  The trailer is available here.  The film will screen at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema from Dec. 2 – Dec. 8.  


Childers’ exploits have previously been chronicled in hundreds of publications including Vanity Fair and the Washington Post.  In addition to the feature film, Mr. Childers will also star in two reality television productions, both of which are currently shooting.


From 2 pm - 4pm on Saturday, November 19, Sam Childers will be signing copies of his autobiography “Another Man’s War” at the Winchester Book Gallery located at 185 North Loudoun Street in Winchester, VA. Mr. Childers will also plan on visiting the Alamo for several screenings and participating in Q&A sessions (dates and times to be announced).




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