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Lubbock! We guarantee you’re going to like BOYHOOD - literally!

If you see BOYHOOD and walk away less than impressed with Richard Linklater's film, we'll give you a free ticket to another movie of your choice.

Lubbock! We guarantee you’re going to like BOYHOOD - literally!

BOYHOOD is, without a doubt, the best movie I've seen so far in 2014. A movie twelve years in the making, BOYHOOD is written and directed by Texas filmmaker Richard Linklater.

In the summer of 2002, Linklater began filming the movie in Houston with young actor Ellar Coltrane. Every year for the next twelve years, Linklater would pick up the camera and film another fifteen or so minutes - the story picking up another year later in the life of Ellar's character. The resulting film is a sprawling story of youth itself - a one-of-a-kind document about what it's like to grow up.

Coultrane stars as Mason Jr., the son of two divorced parents played by Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke. Over the course of the film, audiences will see Coultrane grow from a confused, aimless young dreamer into a confused young man in search of a purpose. Essentially, an anthology of twelve interconnected short films starring the same actors, BOYHOOD is an episodic chronicle of Texas youth. Mason Jr. goes to an Astros game, moves to San Marcos, goes out drinking on 6th Street in Austin with his dad - in other words, spends his youth not too dissimilar to the way many of us did.

I cannot wait for you to have the chance to see BOYHOOD for yourself. That's why I'm so pumped that we are finally opening the film on August 8 at our Lubbock location. 

Tickets for BOYHOOD are now on sale and I guarantee you're going to like this movie. We at the Drafthouse stand so firmly behind the new film from Richard Linklater, we are guaranteeing our guests will enjoy the movie. If, for whatever reason, they don’t – we’ll supply them with a free ticket to another movie of their choice.

Victory members who attend a screening of BOYHOOD during its theatrical run at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - Lubbock and do not leave the film taken in by the the movie will receive a free ticket to another movie of their choice through August 31, 2014. The free tickets will be administered through the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Victory program, the company’s first ever rewards program – instructions on how to obtain the ticket back guarantee through Victory will be available at the theater’s box office. Questions on how this offer works? Email me at rsaucedo [at] ttv-alamo [dot] com.

Designed to reward Alamo’s loyal guests in unexpected ways, the Victory program is launching to all Alamo markets and locations in the coming months. Alamo Victory members will receive special offers and rewards such as free movie tickets, invitations to sneak previews, exclusive screenings and unique events, T-shirts, and DVDs. Every Alamo Victory member will receive at least two special offers each year in addition to a free movie ticket on their birthday.

Membership in the Alamo Victory program is free. To join the program in the Lubbock market, please visit

Buy your tickets now!


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