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Lost Bill Murray masterpiece NOTHING LASTS FOREVER w/ filmmaker Tom Schiller LIVE!

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER with Director LIVE Wed - 7 PM - Ritz


Writer-director Schiller is best known for his short films from the early days of SNL and, together with producer Lorne Michaels, concocted this imaginative fantasy-comedy about true love, bad art, magical bums, Carnegie Hall and space travel. Sweet, absurd and crammed with moments of inspired brilliance, it was barely released and never found the cult-audience it so rightfully deserved...

Set in some bizarre, retro, b&w time-period (with occasional Technicolor splashes!), the film follows a young man (a pre-GREMLINS Zach Galligan) on an adventure that will take him from beneath the earth to the surface of the moon, where Bill Murray is a sky host for a group of interplanetary grandmas. Things just get wilder from there.

It’s entirely incomparable to anything you’ve seen, and Schiller doesn't pander to his audience -- if you don't understand his surreal humor, then screw you! This is a true original that's alternately charming, crazy and utterly unique. Also featuring appearances from a skinny Dan Aykroyd, 1978 Playboy model Appolonia van Ravenstein, Lawrence Tierney and Larry “Bud” Melman, this is indisputably one of the most vivacious and inventive films of our lifetimes. Unbelievable, and unseeable anywhere else!

Accompanying the show will be a special, ultra-rare reel of Schiller's work!

Also, available TONIGHT ONLY will be the incredibly rare, glow-in-the-dark LUNARTINI. Just $7 and guaranteed to blast you to the mooooon!

Get your tickets NOW!


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