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LOOPER is a future classic! Opens this weekend.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis in the time-action classic of the future, LOOPER.

LOOPER is a future classic! Opens this weekend.

In the future, time travel is controlled by black market gangsters. When the mob wants to off someone, they send that person back 30 years in the past where a time-traveling hitman, called a Looper, is waiting. When successful Looper Joseph Gordon-Levitt crosses the wrong person, the mob sends a Looper after him - his future self, played by Bruce Willis.

Action-packed, full of ideas, and wildly entertaining, LOOPER has received some of the best reviews of the year. In the hands of director Rian Johnson (BRICK, THE BROTHERS BLOOM) the sci-fi source material becomes about more than the concepts and the fast-paced mayhem. It's also a deep drama of people and their emotions.

This is the movie everyone will be talking about for weeks. See it yourself starting this weekend. Not convinced yet, watch the trailer here. See you there!


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