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Looking for Freelance Subtitlers

Get paid to help us out with sing-alongs!

Looking for Freelance Subtitlers

EDIT: We're all set on applicants! Thanks so much for your interest, everyone. If you emailed us, you'll be hearing back soon!

Hey kids!

We've been doing this sing-along business for quite a while now. So long, in fact, that some of our music videos are really super old and not great on quality. I personally subtitled some of those videos when I was but a young intern seven years ago. You've probably seen some of my typos.

Basically, we need a sing-along overhaul. We have discs upon discs of updated, licensed music videos, and we need help getting subtitles on these bad boys so we can build new sing-alongs where everything looks good and has consistency! So on that note, would you like to help us out?

We're looking for a couple handfuls of video editors with some time to spare. What are the requirements? You need to have your own computer to edit on, you need to be on a newer version of Adobe Premiere (CS5-CS6) (it's what we're on and we'll need the project files afterwards, so Final Cut doesn't work unfortunately), you'll need to dedicate at least 10 hours a week for a couple weeks, and you need a decent internet connection to download and upload files to an FTP server. We're offering $10 a video, so the more you do the more you make.

Sound easy? Fantastic! We're currently working on our catalogue for 80s music videos, so if you have any disdain for the musical stylings of Cyndi Lauper or Hall and Oates, you're gonna have a bad time. Otherwise, send us an email at [email protected].

Let us know if you're interested, can meet the above requirements, and then we'll get back to you with a contract and compensation specifications, exact subtitling instructions, and a lot of exclamation points.

Questions? Let us know in the comments.

(PS - all of the exchanges will be done online, and work will be done on your time whereever you want, so you don't have to live in Austin to help out!)


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