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Long live the new flesh - don’t miss VIDEODROME this Wednesday at Vintage Park!

Catch a brand new digital restoration of David Cronenberg's body horror masterpiece this week at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Long live the new flesh - don’t miss VIDEODROME this Wednesday at Vintage Park!

One of the many things that separate horror movie fans from, say, romantic comedy junkies is the thrill of discovery. Horror movie aficionados are always on the prowl for something darker, more twisted, more likely to cause nightmares. Every now and then a movie will pop into the fringes of public consciousness — bringing with it wild stories of depravity so run amok that audiences’ brains will literally break if they watch it. These movies almost always land slightly short of expectations — but what if there was a movie that could actually drive you mad?

This is the basic concept of VIDEODROME, David Cronenberg’s 1983 horror film. In the film, James Woods stars as Max Renn, the CEO of CIVIC-TV, an independent UHF television station that specializes in programming designed to shock or titillate. From soft-core pornography to hard-core violence, Renn’s channel searches the bowels of popular sub-culture for the next big thing.

It’s this search that leads Renn to discover, via the station’s pirate satellite dish, a new television program titled Videodrome. The program does not feature any discernible plot — it’s just a static shot of anonymous victims being tortured and eventually murdered in front of a clay wall. Renn is instantly enamored by the program and desires it for his own channel. As he investigates its origins, though, Renn is drawn deeper and deeper into a vast conspiracy involving tumor-inducing television signals that cause disturbing hallucinations starring new gaping holes in his stomach.

Cronenberg’s film has achieved cult status in the years since its release — primarily due to the film’s trippy, mind-warp plot and amazing special effects and make-up work by Rick Baker. The movie deserves every iota of critical acclaim and fan adoration as it still holds up amazingly well today — despite the fact that VHS and Betamax tapes (a key component of the film’s plot) are largely scrubbed clean from public awareness

If VIDEODROME is a must watch for fans of horror and David Cronenberg, the screening at Vintage Park on Wednesday, February 26 is a must-attend events for fans of the film (or anybody who hasn't seen it yet!). We will be screening a brand new digital restoration from Universal Pictures. No refunds if you grow a giant, gaping cavity in your torso from watching the movie.

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